Geoffrey Bush - Overture, Yorick* • Music (1967) for Orchestra** • Symphony No.1*** • Symphony No.2 (The Guildford)†

New Philharmonia Orchestra*
London Philharmonic Orchestra**
London Symphony Orchestra***
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra†
Vernon Handley, conductor* **
Nicholas Braithwaite, conductor***
Barry Wordsworth, conductor†

Label: Lyrita
Copyright: 1995 Lyrita Recorded Edition, England
Catalogue number: SRCD.252
UPC/EAN: 5020926025227
Format: CD
Analogue / Digital recording: ADD/DDD
Number of discs: 1
Total playing time: 79.07
Price: £ 14.99 (+ postage & packing)

Track 1: Recorded at Kingsway Hall, 25 August 1976, Producer: Richard Beswick, Engineer: John Dunkerley
Track 2: Recorded at Walthamstow, 4 January 1972, Producer: David Harvey, Engineer: James Lock
Tracks 3 - 5: Recorded at Kingsway Hall, 2 August 1978, Producer: Andrew Cornall, Engineer: James Lock
Track 6: Recorded at Watford, 13 January 1994, Producers: Andrew Keener, Oliver Rivers, Engineers: Trygg Tryggvason, Andrew Halifax

"Bush’s style is "traditional" yet not overindebted to any predecessor - certainly not, at least in the orchestral music, to his teacher John Ireland. There is an audible affinity, at times, with Walton in his exuberant vein, once or twice with Constant Lambert. Bush’s individuality lies in his sound, which is colourful, rarely lush, sometimes agreeably brusque and brassy. This astringency of colour adds zest to his always fluent, generous flow of melody. His is immensely likeable music, and any orchestra programming these pieces would receive gratitude as well as applause. All four orchestras here seem to enjoy themselves a good deal" Michael Oliver, Gramophone

"I enjoyed Music for Orchestra although I had to listen to the work twice to get the full benefit. It could easily be regarded as Geoffrey Bush’s ‘Third Symphony’ – or is it really more a ‘Concerto for Orchestra’? Whatever your view, this is fine, well crafted music that is challenging, moving and certainly interesting. It does not deserve neglect ..." John France, Click here to read the full review

"There is a whole world of diversity on this disc, from the bright and breezy Yorick Overture to the more acerbic Music for Orchestra, to the darker First Symphony and the more overtly celebratory Second ... As the composer himself says with reference to the Second Symphony, ‘the listener is more likely to enjoy the work if he abandons analysis and allows him or herself to be caught up in the prevailing atmosphere of jubilation’. It is impossible to improve on this advice, which seems so apt for the disc as a whole ..." Colin Clarke, Click here to read the full review

1 Overture, Yorick Geoffrey Bush 8.32
2 Music for Orchestra Geoffrey Bush 16.08
Symphony no.1 Geoffrey Bush 27.38
3 1. Molto moderato - Allegro deciso 10.18
4 2. Poco lento 9.01
5 3. Molto moderato 8.19
6 Symphony no.2 (Guildford) Geoffrey Bush 26.48

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