William Alwyn - Miss Julie
Opera in Two Acts, after the play by August Strindberg

Jill Gomez, soprano
Benjamin Luxon, baritone
Della Jones, mezzo-soprano
John Mitchinson, tenor
Philharmonia Orchestra
Vilem Tausky, conductor

Label: Lyrita
Copyright: 1995 Lyrita Recorded Edition, England
Catalogue number: SRCD.2218
UPC/EAN: 5020926221827
Format: CD
Analogue / Digital recording: ADD
Number of discs: 2
Total playing time: 1 hours 57 mins
Price: £ 29.99 (+ postage & packing)

Recorded at Walthamstow, 21 - 26 January 1979, Producers: Andrew Cornall, Michael Hass, Engineer: Kenneth Wilkinson

"It is good to have this superb recording of William Alwyn’s colourful and confident adaptation of Strinberg’s play on CD. Alwyn, an outstanding film-composer, here consistently demonstrates his mastery of atmosphere and timing to bring out the chilling intensity of this story of Miss Julie’s sudden infatuation for her father’s manservant. The performance under Vilem Tausky is strong and forceful with superb singing from all the principals" Edward Greenfield, Gramophone

"This Lyrita recording boasts an extremely strong cast (there are only four characters), as well as having the Philharmonia Orchestra on top form ... It is difficult to imagine a more focused or fervent performance than this one - now we just need to see it in one of our opera-houses!" Colin Clarke, www.musicweb-international.com Click here to read the full review

Disc 1
Miss Julie William Alwyn
1 Act I, Scene 1 1.12
Beginning of Scene 1 (orchestra)
2 Act I, Scene 1 1.17
Miss Julie is crazy (Jean)
3 Act I, Scene 1 2.07
But the Count ... (Kristin)
4 Act I, Scene 1 1.33
Music and dancing go to my head (Jean)
5 Act I, Scene 1 1.34
What's that you're cooking? (Jean)
6 Act I, Scene 1 3.18
By God, I'm thirsty (Jean)
7 Act I, Scene 1 1.37
Kristin! Kristin! Kristin! (Miss Julie)
8 Act I, Scene 1 3.07
Are you talking secrets? (Jean)
9 Act I, Scene 1 2.11
Kristin, is it ready? (Miss Julie)
10 Act I, Scene 1 2.08
There's a new dance starting (Miss Julie)
11 Act I, Scene 1 1.39
You know why I came here tonight? (Miss Julie)
12 Act I, Scene 1 4.22
Midsummer Night, O, night of magic (Miss Julie)
13 Act I, Scene 2 2.48
Beginning of Scene 2 (orchestra)
14 Act I, Scene 2 3.40
Kristin, Kristin ... Kristin! (Jean)
15 Act I, Scene 2 2.31
Now you can kiss my hand (Miss Julie)
16 Act I, Scene 2 4.01
That wouldn't do either (Jean)
17 Act I, Scene 2 2.51
I have no time for dreams (Jean)
18 Act I, Scene 2 1.51
Did you mean that? (Jean)
19 Act I, Scene 2 2.20
If you must know - it was you! (Jean)
20 Act I, Scene 2 3.02
But you can rise, Jean (Miss Julie)
21 Act I, Scene 2 4.04
Where is she? (Ulrik)
22 Act I, Scene 2 2.16
You can come out now (Jean)
23 Act I, Scene 2 7.05
I know, I know ... (Jean)
Disc 2
Miss Julie William Alwyn
1 Act II 2.34
Beginning of Act II (orchestra)
2 Act II 3.07
Never again! (Jean)
3 Act II 2.02
What have you done? (Jean)
4 Act II 2.13
I made that all up (Jean)
5 Act II 4.19
Scum on the surface of water (Miss Julie)
6 Act II 3.35
My mother got drunk (Miss Julie)
7 Act II 4.11
If I only had enough money (Jean)
8 Act II 1.01
(Scene: Miss Julie turns away) (orchestra)
9 Act II 2.49
Has she gone? (Kristin)
10 Act II 2.17
Class is class, and don't you forget it (Kristin)
11 Act II 1.05
You've got a nerve, after last night! (Jean)
12 Act II 3.46
I knew I was right! (Kristin)
13 Act II 2.27
I'm ready now, Jean (Miss Julie)
14 Act II 2.17
What the devil is that? (Jean)
15 Act II 4.05
What's all this mean - (Kristin)
16 Act II 2.22
We'll start a hotel - (Miss Julie)
17 Act II 1.21
Well, well! So you're going to elope! (Kristin)
18 Act II 4.57
The Count's back! (Jean)
19 Act II 2.56
I must be dreaming - (Miss Julie)
20 Act II 1.57
Kiss me! Just one last kiss! (Miss Julie)